Kama Movement Certification


Are you into health, fitness, yoga, pilates, or dance? Are you looking for something new to bring in to your community, gym, dance, yoga, or pilates studio? Are you passionate about empowering women?

Learn and get licensed to teach the Kama MovementTM program. Become an ambassador of the brand, teach your own classes, make a career in the ever growing fitness industry, and as a bonus, look and feel sensual and fabulous! Get paid for working out – what a better incentive to stay in shape?

Whether you are new to fitness or an established fitness professional, being a KAMA Movement Specialist will help you stand out in the competitive fitness industry and will keep your followers happy and coming back for more.

Students who take the training program will learn:

  • The philosophy and vision behind the Kama MovementTM Exercise program
  • The variety of choreography and exercises that sculpt the female problem areas
  • The secret formula of weight loss and eliminating food cravings
  • Sensuality, sexuality, how to feel it and express it and become a better lover
  • Muscle anatomy and the importance of the pelvic floor - sexual core muscle group - and its relevance to child birth and fertility
  • Medical benefits and how to revitalize pelvic floor muscles to make the most of your sexual life and tighten post child birth as well as avoid incontinence and prolapse
  • The importance of mind/body connection and the tricks of connecting the two
  • How to inspire and empower others, doing what you truly love and how to make income doing it
  • Teaching techniques, tricks, DOs and DON’Ts
  • How to organize successful classes in your town/community

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